The stages of baby’s development during the first few years of their life are highly significant. Skills and experience, acquired in these steps, are the basis for further development as a kid and as an adult.

I conduct Developmental guidance workshops, which are designed for parents and babies. The workshops are held in an intimate groups, divided according to the age and developmental stages of the babies. These workshops include experiential training and parent training.

WorkshopsThe workshops are based on a series of 3-5 meetings and can be held in small groups in private homes.

At the base of the workshops are few understandings:

Sensory and  motor developmental stages of babies in the first year of life, are  phylogenetic – that means, that it is the same for all the babies of the world. Infant’s needs have not changed since tens of thousands of years, but our physical and cultural reality has changed much! We no longer live as our grandparents and ancestors.

The gap between the real needs of infants and the environment, in which they live today, creates difficulties and developmental disorders. This could be one reason for large numbers of children with ADHD, learning disabilities, autism and other disorders.

Early intervention in a method of touch, play and communication, can help avoid or give the right treatment to such difficulties and developmental delays.

Essential needs of people in general and of babies in their first year in particular, related to sensory and movement experiences.  This is the stimuli our brain needs in order to develop to its true potential.

To provide our babies with what they really need, we must create developmentally appropriate environment that will help them experience sensory and motor stimulations according to their developmental stage. Environment that meets their true needs. One that would give the right challenge, whilst giving the needed support and nourishment.

My workshops are held in an intimate and supportive atmosphere. It gives an opportunity for parents and babies to experience a quality time of joy and fun together, through motor, sensory and communication games and exercises.  They are dedicated to teach parents of their child’s developmental stages, what are his/her true needs at a specific stage, what can he/she learn in this stage and how can the parents help them acquire that in everyday life.

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Iris Duvdevani