Feldenkrais Method

The aim of Feldenkrais method is to learn how to improve moving ability by increasing  consciousness to one’s own body.

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Dr.  Moshe Feldenkrais who developed the method, defined it as “Returning to natural motion”.

The method traces and simulates the process of our development and learning from infancy to adulthood and the functions adopted along this period.

It uses this innate natural property of learning through movement, in order to stimulate our brain and body and to enable us to move with awareness, ease and pleasure, to expand the range of motion and to improve posture and physical ability.

“To make the impossible possible and the difficult to be pleasant and comfortable”.

The method deals with perfecting one’s ability, starting from the level of movement and body organization and is divided into two main learning modes:

ATM (Awareness through movement) – movement exercises given by verbal directions.

FI (Functional integration) – A process of learning, conducted by physical contact between teacher and student.

Every action we do is first formed in the brain as an image of the action, only later it is translated into practice. Our muscles are not independent, neither are our bones. The brain initiates and the nervous system transmit the commands to every action.

Feldenkrais method enables you to feel again who you really are and to recognize yourself and your own body profoundly and intimately, thus to use all your functions with more pleasure and knowledge.

Feldenkrais method also helps people with difficulties, disabilities or pains related to posture, joint problems, coordination problems  and anyone wishing to act and move with more ease.

Lessons are conducted in groups or individually, also in one’s own home.

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