You created magic

Hey Iris!
I’m not strong in writing things like that, so I just write from the heart. I hope my recommendations will help many parents to get to know you. They will benefit much from that !

Dear Iris,
Our journey together began a year and a half ago.
A period so messy that became so calm and confident because of you.

I came home from hospital with a pre-mature baby, without the knowledge or professional guidance.
I acted out of instinct but I was not sure whether everything is okay and if I do it right. Books and Internet sites are full with stories about the development of babies but normal, healthy babies. Not like mine – 2300 grams…
I was busy with what to do and what to expect until I met you.

I remember the first moment you touched her. Such confident, calm, understanding and knowledge -I was filled with tears.
I was thinking, “Yay! Finally, someone is not afraid to touch my baby. Someone who can feel her like me.” I felt that you know what you are doing and we are in good hands.

Since than… All is history… Since than we have only progressed and grew.
You created magic. In each session, my daughter learned new things just from the touch of your hands, from your care and attitude. You gave her special attention without compering her to other babies. You saw and felt her specially.
Every time I waited impatiently for our appointment for my daughter and for myself.
Both my child and I got strength physically and mentally from those meetings with you.
I know I went through a difficult period. It would have been much more difficult without you and I thank you for that!

I learned to know you and I wish you many more years to continue the holy work you are doing.
Of course, I strongly encourages every parent to meet you and enter the magical process of learning and understanding of his baby.


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