“Ciao Iris!…”


Ciao Iris!

L. want more and more to stand up by herself but what I learnt in this days is that her upper part too stuckt is and the lower part too week is, this is a problem for her. It is better now no more to give her the hands in order to stand up but make so that she alone find the way for this.
She has to use more the knies and the legs to stand up.
Very important is also how to go down, in order not to have fear of this. We have to excercice this.

To relax the upper part the massage that you did to L. was fantastic. I will learn it! L. after was so soft as I never saw her!

We can also do other kind of game in order to make L. more sure in standing and changing the position, as we did today with the music and the dance. This can be’ more interesting and funny for us and for her.

We have practice a lot going up and down her chair and the strolley, this is something that L. loves to do and she is now fast the same development age. Probably is also very interesting for her, but we have to find the way to help her with the movement that are the best for her. We have to work on this.

This morning I learned how important is an hamac for L., not only to relax her but for her vestibular stimulation. I hope we will find the way to use one at home. It is also very funny.

Repetition, this is nothing new, is very important for her.

I hope not to forget something important. I want to thank you and say that I appreciate your method and your approche to L.

See you tomorrow!

PS excuse my “english'”!!!

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